I have a lot of sim files synced to my Google Drive account.
This page is mostly for me but I thought I'd share my CC folders since some of the CC probably isn't online anywhere else anymore.
Some of my TS2 CC is packed in RAR files because their is just so much of it. If you're interested it's up to you to download the file(s) and see what's in it.
All of my collected CC should work with any game. If you download my CC collection and you don't have the required packs it just won't show up in game.
But most CC isn't pack specific.

~CC Folders~


TS2 CC [1] [2]

This is honestly mostly just here for me. Though, if you want to download my saves feel free. TS3 requires that you have all EPs and TS4 requires the same.
They should work with genuine or pirated copies of the game. Every time I save a game, the files are automatically uploaded to the GDrive account so these are always current

~Save Files~

TS3 Saved Sims
TS3 Saves
TS4 Saves

If you have any problems downloading from Google Drive through Chrome (Usually it throws up an "Unauthroized access" error page) then just use an Incognito tab and it'll work just fine.