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If your hot boyfriend could be any kind of monster, what kind of horrible non-human monster would he be?


5/23/19 *Pinned Post*

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Hi guys, I updated some things and there are more updates to come but here's the stuff I've done so far.

~Things I've already done~
- I added a page where I've archived the old official TheSims.ea.com. It has pages about most of the games ranging from 2000-2013
- I added a landing pages so that this page is no longer my index page.
- I added a intro video inspired by the music video for MSMR's Hurricane. (It's still a work in progress).
- I changed my logo, I think this one looks WAY better by far.
- Added photos to my photography page, reformatted my photography page, and changed the background.

~Things I still want to do~
-I finally figured out how to HTML a quiz! I'm going to use this for my Tumblr followers for Sims trivia as well as other things later on.
-I'm trying to figure out how to make a fortune teller type thing. I really want to but I can't seem to make it work just yet.
-I need to reorganize the way that my front page works. I'm not sure how exactly I'm gonna do that yet but I don't have a Tumblr-like post layout.
-Make my photography page even better than it is now.
-I need to update my playlist like BAD.

*Pinned Post*

I finally made a button thingy! Post it on your site if you want:

Also, I'm obviously still working on the site. I still don't have a "misc" page but I did set up a page called "Mystery Downloads and Junk" under The Sims tab for those of you who play The Sims. I have a collection of CC for every version of The Sims dating back to the early 2000s. Most of it is from 2010-2015 though, depending on the game.
It's all hosted on a Google Drive account so it's all automatically updated everytime I download new content or save my game.

Also, my Fandom page is no where near complete but I have a pretty comprehenisve list of fanfiction. I want to post my own stuff and host it here but I'm nervous to post my own fanfiction and other writing. Also my photography will be listed under Misc when I finally get that page up.
Hey! I started a Discord for Sims stuff we already have almost 40 members! Come join us and have a good time! You don't even have to be a member, click the link to become a temp member and if you like it you can create an account and stay... or you can just look around. :)




^ Pictured above: me skating away from my fucking problems ^



Okay so here's the deal. I didn't sleep like at all last night because I've been dealing with some fucking graduate school bullshit and I just wanna watch some trashy stupid television and talk shit about it. I've got work/class on Monday so I'm trying to get my sleep schedule back to normal which means I can't let myself fall asleep. So I just drank a bunch of redbull and watched the newest season of American Horror Story Apocolypse. I feel like I might have hallucinated some of it because It feels like I can hear color and taste sound and I've had my contacts in for two straight days. But here we go, let's talk about AHS. There will be spoilers

Billy Eichner is kinda hot. I think it's how shrill he is. It's weird how THAT'S what does it for me.

Honestly, the entire sequence of the bombs going off was pretty scary for AHS.

They obviously had a plan in place for the two bland leads who were picked because they were genetically perfect, right? Well why were they put underground and then transported post bombing when there was obviously enough time to get planes to the bunkers?

How the FUCK was there enough time for two of the workers to start boning and then get caught boning so that we could even witness the scene where they get shot?

Okay, is that one guy Dinah's son? That was sort of confusing because we find out that she was part of the Voodoo clique and towards the end we find out not only why she's there but why the AntiChrist was talking to her like he knew her but no one ever explained where that boy came from. WHO IS HE?

That's another thing, for a bunker with so few people and even fewer occupying the "upper" class, how are there so many gay men here?

Okay, I think it's interesting how everytime there's a gay (male) character on screen, there's some mention of him having sex with a woman. It happens like once a season. Billy Eichner's character in Cult is gay and with a woman, in Freak Show the strong man kills a gay man for having sex with his wife, here it's the hair dresser who goes on about how he's slept with a girl before. The reporter from Asylum is a lesbian example of this trope as well.
Ryan Murphy is working through some stuff about his sexuality. This something I've thought about for a little while with AHS but only just now am I Googling it and it looks like someone else saw the connection too.

They DID eat Stu, right?

Man, they REALLY lean heavily into the religious iconography early don't they? Apples filled with snake venom?

I wished we could have seen more about the lives of the grays.

My favorite part of this season is when they just fucking kill of the entire cast and are like "LOL JK, It's Coven II but with some new witches."

Like, they don't even pretend that it's about the apocolypse anymore. They just straight up decided to do nothing but flashback and honestly it works really well.


TvTropes says that snake venom doesn't work that way.

Mead is not only a fucking robot but she's the robot replica of a real woman who was part of a satanic cult and she officially acted as the Anti-Christ's adoptive mother??? Fucking A+ AHS plot right there babey.

Okay, but why did he send his robot mom to live with an former HR director turned dictator?

"You wanted everyone dead?" Yeah, good question robot mom. Why did he bother doing this if he was going to kill them anyway? It's not like he knew the witches were there. As far as he knew, he just picked a group of strangers to live in a bunker so he could kill them at a later date.

I mean, you could make the argument that he was actually trying to find evil people to start his new evil underground megabunker but he also said he came up with the apple plan so he MUST have known he was going to kill everyone from the start.

I was living for EVERYTHING in Return to Murder House.

I'm bothered by the whole "Micheal didn't just kill the lesbians he double deluxe killed the lesbians" thing because Madison made it sound like they just stopped existing when they died... Like happened to her? That was a problem in Coven anyway. According to Madison, she went nowhere when she died, then she went to hell later. So, what's different about this?

I really wanted to know more about the male coven.

Also, I think the outfit that Micheal is wearing during the first test is AMAZING.

I love sweet witch Coco. She's so goofy and her power is all gluten and calorie based and that entire scene in Misty's swamp house is SO good.

Imagine reading the script where it says "Madison picks up robot Kathy Bates' machine gun arm and shoots the Anti-Christ with it."

When Cordelia walks in on the entire male coven dead I just thought why not create a new coven with the spare parts? Did Kyle teach us nothing?

So, Ryan Reynolds just has to fly all over the US because he's apparently contractually obligated to sexually service EVERY satanist on Thursdays? Every Thursday?

Imagine reading the script where it says "Billie Lourd travels back in time from the Post-Apoc future to run over the teenage Anti-Christ with an SUV while Jessica Lange watches."

Billie Lourd makes eye contact as she does it. It's fucking savage.

Also, Jessica Lange's reaction upon seeing the mangled body of her grandson is so fucking funny. It's not revenge like when Lana Winter's is gonna fuck over Zachery Quinto. She acts like dragging Langdon's bloody body is just too much of a chore. Like, you can see her decide that while she didn't really want revenge this technically does fix her problem. Honestly, that was the perfect note to end the season on.



Happy New Year!

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A few things: I got my grades for this semester and guess who's now only a semester away from graduating! Well, I'll answer for you since you can't actually respond to me and also why would I bring it up if it wasn't me? Me! It's me! I'm graduating next semester! I took the last of the hardest classes that I had to take! Classes such as Theoretical Linguistics! Also, I might make honor roll? I'm not quite sure yet. I mean, I don't really care if I don't but it would be really nice and it might make me look better when I transfer colleges (again) to get my Masters.

My birthday is tomorrow, I'm gonna be 23. Wow, that's so scary. Like, I mean that in an existential dread type way and not in a vain "I'm gonna be older" type way because 23 obviously isn't that old. I just wish it wasn't taking me so long to get my degree. I mean, shit man, it feels like it's taking forever. The worst part is that I'm off work because I also work at the university that I attend, and because of that I have time to just sit and mull over all of my life decisions. Guess what? Not great for mental health at all. Ever wanted to just fall down a rabbit hole of self doubt? Have an anxiety disorder and then spend like any amount of time alone. Nothing ruins holiday time off like wondering if you're just like the worst person. It sucks hardcore. Would not recommend. 2/10. The worst part about it is that everyone's busy on my actual birthday so I have to do birthday stuff with different people throughout the week. 

In other news, I binged all of "The Good Place" and it's so fucking amazing. I love it and it's my new favorite obsession. Janet is my favorite character, obviously:

 season 1 omg GIF by The Good Place

I fixed Merlin so he should stop snoring so often now, or even at all, hopefully. I didn't realize how annoying that was until I was trying to listen to podcasts while I kept hearing that fucking noise. I swear he didn't ever do it that much before but whatever. I think that it has something to do with the way that I changed from Tumblr to here. It really fucked him up somehow. It doesn't matter now though because he should be mostly fixed. Also, I added links to all the buttons so they work now! Misc only leads to a  guestbook which has only like a 15% chance of working correctly. Oops. Honestly, I don't have time to fix it right now but a guestbook or comment system that actually works will be coming soon (I promise!)

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We're so close to Christmas!

I just wanted to let anyone who plays The Sims Online know that I have a house in Alpine Village! The name of the lot is "The Little Harlot" to search lots go to lot directory on the right side of your screen, click the eye to search, and then search my lot name. I'm always accepting more roommates as long as you're willing to feed the cat when we get a new one.

Which reminds me: Matteo, if you're reading this, disregard what I said about feeding the cat.

R.I.P. Molly


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Fandom Page is finally up!
Just a warning: There is a LOT of NSFW gay werewolf boning being described.
So just like, be ready for all of that.

What will this website have to offer when it's done?

Memes probably
Cat pictures
Dog pictures