Quiz Questions

Question 1.
How many expansions did the original Sims have?


Question 2.
What was The Sims 2 called during development?

The Sims New Generation
The Sims: Reckoning
The Sims Mango

Question 3.
What is the name of the man who delivers the computer in The Sims 2?

Mr. Humble
Rod Humble
Mystery Sim

Question 4.
The Goth family is based on what television show?

The Munsters
The Addams family
Leave it to Beaver

Question 5.
The Sims 3 was delayed and hit shelves on June 2nd, 2009. What was the original release date?

Feburary 2009
October 2008
March 2009

Question 6.
According to The Sims 2, what is the Grim Reaper's favorite band?

My Chemical Romance

Question 7.
What is the name of the grocery store in Sunset Valley

Sunset Superstore
Everfresh Market
Everfresh Delights

Question 8.
Which spin-off was meant to have a PC port that was never made?

The Urbz
Bustin' Out

Question 9.
If you have The Sims: House Party, who shows up if you have a great party?

Katy Perry
Drew Carey
Marilyn Monroe

Question 10.
In The Sims 2, there is a hidden aspiration that was never finished for the base game. What is it?

Grilled Cheese

Question 11.
How many Sims are buried in Olive Spectre's garden?


Question 12.
What are the two awards that a sim can win in The Sims: Superstar?

Sim Actor Award and Simmy
Sim Actor Award and Sim Choice Award
Simmy and Sim Choice Award

Question 13.
Which community building wasn't originally meant to be in The Sims 3?

The Bistro
The Military Base
The Spa

Question 14.
Which town was originally supposed to ship with The Sims 4 but ended up being put into an expansion pack?

Brindleton Bay
New Crest

Question 15.
What was the working title for The Sims 4?

The Sims Reborn
The Sims Olympus
The Sims Galaxy

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