Hello Everybody, this page is a combination of my own freeware files and the SimWorld Server's files.
Despite the name not all of these files are related to The Sims but a lot of them are.
I might add photos at some point but that will be down the road.

Thanks for viewing my Freeware section! : )

~The Files~
Hover (Windows 95 game) (WIN10 Compatible!)
Cat Mario (I found this game on a school computer in like 2014 idk where it came from.)
50+ Arcade Games
50 More Arcade Games
Another 50 Arcade Games
Even MORE Arcade Games
Guess what??? Arcade Games
UAC Labs WAD - Doom II: Hell on Earth (Doom level made by an IRL murderer)
Kompozer HTML editing software
Windows XP Space Cadet Pinball (WIN10 Compatible)
GifCam (You can make screenshots that are GIFs!)