This page is a collection of official websites for The Sims that either don't exist anymore or don't look like they used to. These sites aren't hosted on NeoCities as that would require HTML editing that I'm incapable of and space on NeoCities that I don't have. I added them because the WayBack archives broke the site when it was being archived as well as lost some of the content. I also did this so that it would be either so that my tumblr followers from SimNostalgia would be able to better view the content. (To my tumblr followers: If you want to see my Custom Content or just view my personal website you can click on BACK link at the bottom of the page.)

These sites are hosted over Google Drive usings a third party service to make them publically viewable. As such, these sites  load a little slower than a normal website might. If you click a link, you'll have to give it a minute. Also keep in mind that links on these pages do not work unless I've stated otherwise so clicking a link will lead you to a 404 error page. I have more pages to add which I'll be adding sporatically for the next several weeks.

Thanks for understanding!

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The Sims Official Site (2000-2005)

The Sims 2 Official Site (as it appeared in 2012)

~Game Information~
About Collection Compilations 
About Apartment Life 
About FreeTime - MISSING
About Bon Voyage - MISSING
About Pets 
About Seasons 
About Open For Business 
About Nightlife 
About University

~Community Chats~
Chat with Developers - September 2003
Chat with Developers - December 2003 
Chat with Developers - January 2004
Chat with Developers - April 2004 (April Fools Day)
Chat With Developers - July 2004
Chat with Developers - June 2005
Chat with Developers - July 2006
Chat with Developers - April 2007 

~Advertising Material~
Pet Training Information 
The Sims 2 on PSP 
The Sims 2 Exchange 
Game Secrets 

Official Sim Demos, Bonus Content, Extras:
The Sims Deluxe Bonus Content Disc
The Sims 2 Sneak Peek Disc
The Sims PressKit
The Sims 2 Special Edition Bonus Disc
The Sims 2 Double Deluxe Bonus Disc
The Sims 2 ScreenSaver (Win XP - Win 7)
The Sims 3 Introduction Program
The Sims 2 Flash Game
The Sims 2 Homecrafter (plus update)
The Sims 2: Bodyshop (Demo Version)
The Sims 2 Graphics File Maker
Riverview Download page (Working Download!)

Unofficial Sim Software:
If you have any questions about any of the files message me on Discord, send an email, etc!