SimWorld Discord News

(July '19) Hi guys, this is xBilliex! I'm going to be taking a short break. In the meantime, I've left S1ndle as President, Bread in charge of the chat, and Tari in charge of the SimArchive channel. See you guys soon!

(July '19) The Challenge for August will be Midsummer Night's Dream!

(July '19) We finally got approved for the Internet Archive collection file! If you haven't already please see the YouTube video in #sim-archive-project for details.

(July '19) SimNostalgia recently hit 5k and the SimWorld just hit 100 users! Thanks everyone!!

(July '19) Special thanks to Don Hopkins for the help!

(July '19) SimNostalgia has been remodelled so NeoCities is more easily accessible. Welcome SimNostalgia followers!

(July '19) Just a reminder that this month's theme is Area 51! We haven't gotten a single entry yet. We're halfway through the month and soon we'll start considering next months themes.

(July '19) Thank you to everyone who signed up to be an Admin for the Sim Archive Project collection on Internet Archive! If you didn't get the chance to sign up but are still interested please let me know and if the chance arises to assign more admins to the collection, I'll let you know. Also, the email has been sent to the staff at Internet Archive so we're waiting to get a reply. Until then, keep letting me know about leads you may have for content and ideas you have regarding the Archive.

(July '19) Project Sim Archive is under way! If you have any obsure abandoned/old/unmaintained custom content sites that you'd like me to hit, let me know! I already have 20 or so sites fully downloaded! @ me and leave a link to the site you'd like me to create a copy of. Remember, to get Internet Archive to accept our collection we have to get 50 downloads uploaded. Thanks so much to everyone!

(July '19) The theme for this month is Area 51! All things about aliens, space, the desert, and scifi.

(June '19) Thanks to JWO for the early leak copy of TS3 from May 2009! I'll be inspecting it for differences when I get the chance and I'll report what I find on SimWorld then compile the info for a SimNos post!

(June '19) Only two days left to vote for the next challenge theme! Area 51 seems like it will be the winning theme for July!

(June '19) A third floor has been added onto The Little Harlot! Congrats to Luna and Bread Lord on your new rooms!

front door

(June '19) Some of the contest entries for the May challenge (Artist/Art) and the June theme (Poly Surprise)!

FurbyQ May entry:
fish tank

HellFrozeOver June entry:
fish tank

PT-Adam June entry:
fish tank

SinGuru Bastard Stink Man May entry:
fish tank

(June '19) Welcome to our newest roomies! Alissix, Luna, and Burple!

fish tank

(June '19) We've filled all of our roommates slots at the Little Harlot. However, if anyone in the chat wants to buy a nearby lot that can be arranged.

front door

(June '19) I just wanted to remind everyone that I'm still accepting Roommates on TSO. I live northeast of the Sunset Canyon region in Lunar Lakes! The lot name is "The Little Harlot"!

Vote here for the July challenge theme!

(June '19) I just wanted to say hello to our influx of new members from the other Discord server! If you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see, let me know!

(June '19) I just wanted to remind everyone that I'm still accepting Roommates on TSO. I live northeast of the Sunset Canyon region in Lunar Lakes! The lot name is "The Little Harlot"!

(June '19) #War-room members, if you have any concerns regarding recent events please share your thoughts in #War-room

(June '19) If you want me to read your FanFic as ASMR remember to send it as a Google Doc! Remember I'll be reading these and Sim Kink Meme posts! Make sure your fanfics are as shitty as possible for the maximum shitty ASMR experience.

(June '19) Thanks to Burple and HellFrozeOver for your neat challenge entries for this challenge round!

(June '19) New Channel: #Neocities-and-blog-talk. A channel dedicated to discussion on anything related to blog curation, social networking, and HTML coding.

(June '19) If anyone wants the .ISO of the special bonus DVD that came with The Sims 2 I posted it to #File-Dump.

(June '19) Reminder that Armstrong doesn't know how to play Mario 64

(June '19) The SimWorld NeoCities page opened! :)

(June '19) New Challenge theme is chosen: Polyamory

(June '19) Check out the NeoCities pages of other SimWorld members! and!


>See Files from #File-Dump here!<

1. You have to be 18+ for SimWorld
2. Don't be a dick.
3. Don't take SimSecret to seriously
4. Take drama to TeaSpill
5. What happens in #WarRoom STAYS in #WarRoom.

Current Server Government

Co-Presidents (Server Admins): xXBillieXx, xDysphoriax (Vajazzle Rejuv)

VP (Server Admin): Bread Lord

Members of the Supreme Court (Server Moderators): Armstrong, Prah / Simlish Noir, Bread Lord, Mallow Dragon, S1ndle.

Emoji Committee Member (Resident Artist): C

War-Room Members: SinGuruSylv, Pt-Adam, Bread Lord, eidolon, Furbyq, Jatea, Mallow Dragon, MoonDoll, Prah / Simlish Noir, S1ndle, SimGuru Basterd Stink Man, Armstrong, Tess, Decima, Alex, xXBillieXx, Tari, King Krabby, C, HellFrozeOver.

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