I just watched Westworld for the first time and I have so many questions.
Most of them aren’t even plot related. They’re mostly just questions
about how the universe of the park works? Like, I know there are a lot
of people who keep asking kind of dumb questions like “Do the robots
poop” but I think there are far more interesting questions and
questions that serve the story in a meaningful way. 

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1.Why is the whole workforce not ALSO robots?

Why the fuck did you hire anybody to work at your adult robot theme park
when all of your robots are clearly intelligent enough to do the job? I
mean, let's forget about Westworld’s plot for a minute. Pretend that
robots never gained sentience in Westworld and everything went on as
normal. Why would you hire ANYONE to do any job that wasn’t just
overseeing the robots as they perform tasks? Like, there’s that one
part where one of the workers is like “You better let me see one of the
hosts or I’ll get you fired because I know you’re having sex with the
robots in the storage room when no one is looking”

You know how you could avoid that happening? Just fucking use the robots.
Even if you weren’t willing to use them major jobs in the park there is
no reason that the jobs of moving the parts wouldn’t go to the hosts.
It’s not like they were afraid of an uprising since there’s this whole
corporate policy of gaslighting anyone who brings up the fact that the
hosts seem to be quickly approaching sentience. So why do you keep
hiring a clean up crew?

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2. They don’t wash the robots as well as they should and it’s nasty.

When Maeve wakes up and wonders into the rest of the building all
bleeding and emaciated you can see that the robots are cleaned by
stripping them naked and just hosing them down like you’d rinse a truck
after mudding. There’s no way that’s efficient or a sanitary way to
clean the bots. You’re telling me that robots that people have sex with
are cleaned with the same effort with which bored high schoolers wash
cars for charities? I mean, on top of that, why aren’t they just dunked
in some sort of cleaning solution? I mean, their bodies can obviously
take it. Just build a giant robot dishwasher. Hell, build a giant robot
car-wash that gets into all of their “parts” so that no one
accidentally catches something from another guest at the park. 

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3. How does the park shutdown?

So when does the down time happen? In the show we see things jump around
so much that we don’t really get an idea of how the process works.
Sure, we see how the “start-up” sequence works more than once from the
eyes of the bots. However, from the guests we only see how it works a
couple of times and we never see how the guests are moved out of the
park or how the bots are collected to be washed and repaired.

I mean, since the whole operation is constantly monitored (I’ll come back
to that point in a minute) I’m guessing that it’s not hard to find the
bots but it seems like a pain in the ass to go and collect the ones
that are either killed or trapped. Also, what about the ones that
aren’t killed or trapped? I’m guessing that not every bot is killed
every time the park reaches closing time. So what then? Do they all
just shut down? After the guests leave (I’m guessing they’re all called
back somehow) do the bots just stand around until they’re all paused in
place and just wait to be collected?

How do the guests get alerted anyway? Are the bots trained to try and get
everyone back into town by the last day so they can easily be loaded up
onto the train and carted back to the weird waiting area?

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4. How are there so few non-robot related deaths in the park?

Why does the park allow the guests to go into dangerous places or be
subject to dangerous things that could easily avoided while still
maintaining the facade of “real” danger? Like, it wouldn’t be hard to
just rope off sections of the park with cliffs or terrain that’s too
treacherous. I mean, at the very least have the bots try and discourage
guests from enter certain places.

I mean, the black hat guy just fucking rides up into the mountains and
gets close the cliffs and everything. There’s no way that no one has
ever not been injured or killed in a way that wasn’t related to the
robots because they just like fell off a cliff or got lost or
something. My point is made even better when you see that episode in
season two where the natives find Logan after William puts him on a
horse and sends him into the desert.

That’s such a liability. Holy shit, how does anyone go to the park and how has
it been like thirty years without them getting their asses sued into
non-existence? You also can’t tell me that William isn’t the only
person to go crazy in the park and since the park is so big people can
get lost so easily. They do have that big map but I don’t know if they
can see guests but if they can then apparently they don’t pay much
attention because like Logan illustrated, if you get lost in the desert
all you can do is hope that a helpful robot native american man will
give you a blanket.

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5. How has no one recognized Bernard until now?

How the FUCK does someone build a robot replica of their coworker without
anyone noticing? It’s especially confusing because apparently Ford
created Bernard to not be exactly the same as his cofounder… so
everyone who worked at the part at the time was just like fine with him
doing that? I mean, they had to have known right? Like, someone walked
in on him designing a perfect robot replica of his dead bff and was
like “oh uh, okay… Keep doing what you’re doing”

I mean, that had to have happened because you cannot actually expect me
to believe that NO ONE noticed that Bernard looks exactly like the
cofounder. I think they try to cover that plot hole with some shit like
“Oh, no one would know because there are no pictures of the cofounder.”
So you’re telling me that NO ONE in the whole world who ever saw the
cofounder ever saw his robot clones? AND somehow he had no photos ever
taken of him??? EVER??? In the FUTURE?

On top of that, Bernard talks about how long he’s been working there and
even if some of that memory is made up, we do know for a fact that he
has been working there at least longer than some of the staff. Which
means that Ford somehow put a robot clone of his dead best friend on
his work force within the twenty years of the cofounders death and no
one noticed or said anything.

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6. Why are the robots not constantly streaming live video?

There isn’t like a power down button for all of the robots? I mean, they’ve
obviously thought ahead at some point because the woman from season one
who gets fucking murdered was part of a taskforce that apparently did
nothing but worry about the robots being dangerous… but they never like
forced the engineers to install a big “turn off all the robots in case
of uprising” button. I guess they just decided that a big gun fight in
a park full of rich guests was totally the way to go.

And even if you believe that the taskforce was put in place just to make
sure that the robots didn’t hurt anyone accidently it doesn’t make
sense that they’d be against a big reset button. That brings up the
bigger issue of how the robots supposedly work and transfer
information. So it’s supposed to be like a network in which they’re
capable of transferring information about the narratives so when
changes are made then the other hosts know about it.

That’s interesting and a pretty good explanation but Maeve can just use it to
control people? I mean, they probably shouldn’t be able to do that so
easily. I mean, you’re telling me that there was no system put in place
so that the hosts couldn’t be so easily taken over or controlled? Also
why are the hosts monitored better? I mean, we see that the robots are
constantly recording through their eyes but you have to manually plug a
camera into their brain computer thing to see the footage. What? Why?
They can transfer data but not footage? I mean, you could say that’s
for privacy but I mean, you could just say that the data is encrypted
if the park guests ask and I mean it’s certainly not a privacy thing
because if you’re going to record there’s no reason that the footage
shouldn’t be stored in a server somewhere.

I mean, it feels like the plot of West World couldn’t have happened if
the robots were just constantly syncing to a Google Photos account. I
mean, apparently the robot uprising could have been halted by a gopro
and a free google account.

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